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Today and tomorrow are both going to see highs of 11C and the weather is going to be sunny both days. The mornings will be a bit chilly, with the mercury dropping down to around 2C both today and tomorrow. They're still calling for a chance of rain on Monday with warmer weather lasting throughout the week. Highs from Monday through Thursday should be around 14C or 15C, which is 4C or 5C above normal for this time of year.

I started reading 'Hitler' by Shigeru Mizuki last night. Don't ask me what it's about...well, obviously it's about Adolf Hitler, but what I meant was, don't ask me what it's like because I fell asleep as soon as I finished reading the intro...ha ha! In my defence, the intro was about 5 pages long!
shigeru hitler

Mizuki had mentioned that Hitler had a great influence on his life-without Hitler, Mizuki may have never been forced to go to war, live in unbearable conditions and lose his arm. He wanted to know more about the man Hitler, rather than the image of him. I don't know how Japanese people see him. I get the feeling he's seen as the monster who killed millions of Jewish people (among others) during WWII. For Japan, WWII means the Pacific War and the war in Europe seems so far away-it's almost exactly the opposite in Canada. We see the European part of the war as the main part and the Pacific war as something that happened far, far away.

I'm looking forward to reading the manga and getting a picture of how he is seen through the eyes of a Japanese person-especially one so talented and with first-hand experience of the war. According to the introduction, this story is more about the 'man' than about the war, so it'll be interesting to read and see him as a human rather than the monster that he's portrayed as in the West.

I'll let you know how it was after I finish it.

Have a great day!

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