German Christmas Market in Hiroshima

Good morning everyone,

It feels like winter has finally arrived, eh? There will be a few days later in the week where it warms up again-we may see highs in the mid-teens from Monday to Thursday, but unfortunately it's also supposed to rain for three out of those four days. Then next weekend we'll see sunny weather accompanied by highs of only 9C.
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I know it might be too late to be of any help to anyone, but I just found out that there's a German Christmas Market in Hiroshima this year. I remember going to one in Osaka many, many moons ago and quite enjoyed the mulled wine, German beer and Christmas atmosphere but I never imagined we'd have one in Hiroshima.
I saw some pictures people had taken and posted online and it doesn't look very big, but even still, I may try to squeeze some time in today to check it out.

It's being held at the courtyard in front of Urban View Tower in Kami-Hachobori and goes from noon to 9 today. It actually started on Friday, but I didn't hear about it at all.
german christmas in hiroshima
Has anyone been to it? Is it worth checking out?! I'm not the biggest fan of 'stollen', the German Christmas cake. It's good-I'd never turn it down if someone offered it to me, but I don't get what the big deal is about it.

However, I'm hoping they might be selling some German Christmas decorations. I feel like my school looks the same every year at Christmas time, so if I can pick up some unique decorations, it'll be worth it...oh, and of course have a glass (or two) of overpriced German beer.

Have a great day!

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