Who needs a clothes dryer? Not me anymore!

Good morning everyone,

Today is looking like the nicest day of the week-we should expect mostly sunny weather with a high of around 16C. Rain will roll in later tomorrow and stick around for Thursday as well before clearing up in time for the weekend. Temperatures will start to fall from Friday and we'll see highs of 10C or 11C on the weekend with overnight lows around 2C or 3C.

The floor above mine is a bit smaller, so the balcony doesn't cover mine which means that my laundry gets wet even if there's a tiny spattering of rain. I always hate doing laundry on rainy days, so 'rainy season' drives me crazy.

With this new clothes hanger from Japan I will be able to dry clothes, shoes and boots at the touch of a button.


While Japanese homes usually have a wide variety of household appliances, there’s one machine that just hasn’t caught on: the clothes dryer. The vast majority of people in Japan prefer to simply air dry their laundry, using all manner of multi-pegged contraptions to cram as much as possible into the small spaces of sun outside. And when it’s raining, there are all types of clothing pole systems to get the job done at a snail’s pace indoors.

So what happens when you get caught in a downpour or you reach for your favourite shirt, only to find it’s too wet to wear?

▼ “But I wanted to wear this tomorrow…”


Previously, the best option would have been to stand there for ages with a hair dryer. But now, you can simply hang your garments on a special clothes hanger from Thanko, a product development company that came up with the idea of incorporating a heating unit into the traditional hanging frame. The unit blows hot air out along the length of the hanger, drying your clothes in minutes.


All you need to do is plug it in and push the button. And, if that wasn't enough to convince you to drop Y5,000, it has two different types of interchangeable arms, one set of which are perfect for reaching into wet boots and shoes.


Hopefully, I was a good enough boy this year that Santa will think to bring me one (or two of these) for Christmas this year...

Have a great day!

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