Soaking in Sake

Good morning everyone,

Today is looking like the coldest day of the week, with a high of 10C and mostly sunny skies. Tomorrow will be 11C with a slight chance of rain. From January 1st, it's going to become warmer and warmer till we get up to around 15C by the 4th and no rain after tomorrow.

Sake is good for you-if you pour it in your bath water. That's right! You know how they say that you should learn something new every day, well I learnt yesterday that it's a good idea to pour some sake in your bath.

So, what are the benefits?

1.   Drinking SAKE  will release you from your daily stress

When you get tense or worry too much, you begin to feel the stress of your life. Sake eases these stress and the stiffness in your neck and shoulders. To change your mood, have a cup or two of it. It will help you relax. And what better place to drink your SAKE, than while taking a bath in it?!
2.   SAKE moisturizes your skin

Japanese believe that for your beauty and to recover from fatigue, you can't miss by taking a bath. If you put sake into your bath tub -about two or three cups worth-before get in, it keeps your skin healthy and gives your skin that nice warm glow you get from drinking sake, but without the hangover!

3.   Spots and freckles

Most women are sensitive about their skin. Spots and freckles, moles and so on...
One cause of these skin problems is melanin pigments. If you have too much  of it, it can cause those skin spots. However, Japanese Sake contains koji acids and they help prevent your body from creating those melanin pigments. Not only does it control melanin, but it also keeps moisture on your skin. Recently many cosmetic companies have started using these koji acids in their products for these reasons.

4.   Brighter complexion

When you drink sake, your skin gets a healthy glow and you get a brighter complexion.
Alcohol makes your blood vessels widen and improves the circulation. And sake in particular, helps raise your body temperature by up to around 2℃. And also many of us are sensitive to the cold. Improving your circulation will make you look more beautiful, but it will also make you feel warmer-much like you feel warmer from drinking sake, but without the liver damage! ha ha!

5.   Anti-Aging

"Koji acids", that ingredient we mentioned earlier that helps prevent skin spots, also prevents your skin from aging. Recent research advances have shown that sake helps keep your sking looking younger by animating (or waking up) your dormant/dying skin cells. Some cosmetic companies have also found that koji acids help your hair become healthier too.

Is all this true? Well, I'm not going to bother looking up all the research-and it can't hurt anyway, right?

So, I won't be pouring any old sake I've got lying around down the sink-I'll be pouring it in my bath...starting tonight! Let's see if I look longer by tomorrow! 

Have a great day!

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