Happy New Year!

2016 new year

Happy New Year everyone!
Did any of you go to your local shrine last night? I did, as usual. It was great! The fog started rolling in in Koi just as I was heading home. By the time I went to bed, I could barely see the bridge from my house and I still can't. I can't remember the last time is was this foggy in Koi. If you're driving, be careful out there! It's supposed to warm up to around 12C today and be sunny. The rest of the week is looking even warmer with highs of around 15C all week.

My massive cleaning efforts at home are pretty much finished. Well, to be honest, completely finished! And just in time for the new year, too! Whew! I'm planning on spending today in a pretty lazy manner-I'm meeting some friends for lunch and then coming home to watch a DVD or maybe the marathon relay on tv. I always forget what this marathon is called...I feel so sorry for the guys who run in this marathon. Everyone knows the Hakone Relay Marathon that happens on the 2nd and 3rd (which I'll also be watching, by the way) but, like me, they never remember the name of the big race today. Then I remember that the guys who run in today's race are professional runners, so I don't feel that sorry for them after all-I mean, they get paid to run in races. When I want to enter a race, I have to pay! ha ha!

Or I may embrace Japanese culture and go to the department store and be attacked by a bunch of angry ladies who are trying to save a few hundred yen on a sweater they don't need or even like that much...ha ha!
2016 Japan-Fukubukuro-Shibuya-Happy-Bags-2013-0520167
Hmmm...maybe not...

How was your 2015? Mine...I have to say, it was pretty good overall. I had those annoying leg injuries which kept me from running as much as I would have liked, but they were pretty minor in the big picture. Work was good, my health was good, life was good.

Looking ahead to this year...what have you got lined up for this year? Any new year resolutions? Mine are always the same, be a bit healthier, study a lot more Japanese and take up a new hobby.

I want to add something new to my list of resolutions...maybe my new year's resolution should be to make better new year's resolutions. Mine are so boring...ha ha!

I do have one request though-it's now 2016...please, please everyone over 10 years old, please stop doing the Goromaru Pose! I swear that I'll attack the next person I see doing it! Ha ha!

Anyway, have a relaxing day with your families and watch out for the mochi!
2016 new year balloon

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Happy New Year, Jerry.
 My New Year's resolution is almost the same as yours; be healthier . In other words, do not eat too much. But, I had already broken the resolution.  I overindulged during New Year's holdays. I finished "Osechi-Ryori", had three "mochi" for today's lunch and so on.
I can't stick to anything. .. No, I should say I could stick to my resolution for as many as three days!! Here's my another resolution; think positive.v-221

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Happy New Year to you too, Junko!
You shouldn't beat yourself up over eating too much during the holidays-everybody does it! I like your positive outlook. My mother used to say the same thing about my memory...she said I had a great memory, but it was too short...ha ha!