Sushi thieves...

Good morning everyone,

It's been a great holiday weatherwise and that great weather is expected to continue. It's going to be 13C today and even warmer the next two days. There's also no rain (or snow) in the forecast! It's looking pretty nice out there! I hope you're doing more than just sitting around the house in your pjs eating leftovers and watching tv...oh, wait...nevermind...that's all I've been doing! ha ha!

Scouring the newspapers every morning for topics to write about in my blog is kind of depressing. The news media is consistently dominated by bad news. Or maybe it's just because things aren't so good in the world at the moment. I need to find a source for happier things to write about-like new donuts from Mr. Donuts or new shops opening in Hiroshima. Of course, if my life were more interesting, I wouldn't have to worry about looking for topics to write about. However, all I did yesterday was eat sushi, fly a kite and watch tv. If that's all I talked about on my blog, I'd have EVEN fewer readers...ha ha!

There were a couple of things though. And most of you probably already know this one, but Uniqlo is having a 50% off sale. It started yesterday and continues through today. And unlike most stores that half-off sales, this one actually includes things that you might want to buy. All of their popular HeatTech  goods are on sale along with down jackets and cashmere sweaters. I bought a cashmere sweater for Y3,995! How's that for a bargain!? I wonder when I'll have a chance to wear it...with the temperatures hovering around the low to mid teens all week, there won't be many opportunities to wear a turtleneck, will there?

I ended up at Al Park in the morning because I had to kill some time before meeting my friends at Sushiro in Funairi. Have you ever been to Sushiro? I think I wrote about it last year. The sushi is pretty good. I mean, I'm no expert, so as long as it's fresh and it is what they say it is, and not some cheap substitute, it's good enough for me. Anyway, Sushiro created an app that lets you make a reservation, so people can reserve ahead of time. One of my friends downloaded the app and made a reservation for us, so we didn't have to wait 30 minutes (or longer) like we did last year. My only complaint about Sushiro is the system they use for ordering sushi. They just put what you order on the conveyor belt that's used for all the sushi. About 20% of what we ordered never made it to us because people were taking it! Who said Japanese people were honest?! Ha ha! The one thing I like about Kappa, is that they put the special orders on a separate delivery system that stops just in front of your seat or table. That way there's no confusion about which sushi is whose and no chance for thieving customers to steal your sushi before it gets to your table.

The good news is that if no one had stolen my sushi, I would have had to read the depressing newspapers for a topic for my blog today! See, I'm an optimist!

Have a great day!

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