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The spring-like weather has come to an end and we can expect highs all week to return to hover around 10C, which is normal for this time of year. Overnight lows will be just above 0C, so I imagine it'll be pretty chilly riding to work all this week. The good news is that we aren't expecting any rain till early next week-around Tuesday.

The North Koreans have allegedly tested a nuclear bomb-a hydrogen one, known as an H-Bomb. I say allegedly because there has, as of yet, been no confirmation of it from an outside source. And we all know NK has a history of making stuff up.

Doesn't it seem like the North Koreans do this on a regular basis? I swear I've written about this before. The big three (China, Japan and South Korea) Asian countries start to improve their relationships with each other and everything seems to be settling down in the area and then the North Koreans do something provocative. It's their '3 am' call. I know I mentioned this before. There's a song (which sounds awesome if you can get the acoustic piano version by Matchbox 20) called, "3am" where the singer says, "It's 3am, I must be lonely" and basically the person is calling get attention. This is what NK does...a lot.

Whether it's nuclear tests, launching missiles or saying something offensive, they always try their best to get the Big 3 to look at them whenever it seems like they (meaning China, Japan and South Korea) are getting on with building their countries and not caring all that much about what North Korea is doing.

Don't get me wrong-if they have successfully conducted the test, it certainly makes them a lot scarier, but I think the best thing to do whenever dealing with the North Koreans is to just ignore a petulant child.

What do you think? How should Japan react to this latest claim?

Have a great day!

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