Not ready to run

Good morning everyone,

Today is going to be the nicest day of the week-we can expect a high of 12C today, with mostly sunny skies. The rest of the week isn't looking too bad-highs will be around 9C or 10C and overnight lows around 2C or 3C. There still isn't any rain expected, but Tuesday and Wednesday are looking pretty grey.

I've got my first run of the year later today and for the first time since I started running 4 or 5 years ago, I'm not looking forward to it. After last year's foot injuries and erratic training schedule, I am just not ready to race today. My plantar fasciitis is completely recovered in my right foot and 95% in my left foot, so there's no pain for the first time since last March-almost one year!

But my fitness level took a huge hit last year and I'm almost back to where I was when I started. Ok, so maybe it isn't that bad, but I've definitely lost some speed and overall conditioning.

So, today will be treated like the first race of my running life. I'm just going to go out, have fun with my friends, do my race to the best of my ability and not worry at all about beating a previous time. All of those times from my pre-injury life are being thrown out and I'm starting over.

The fact that I probably gained about 2kg (ok, so I'm exaggerating a bit-it was more like 1kg or 1.5kg) over the holidays doesn't help either...ha ha!

Today will be day 1 in getting back in shape. I'm hoping to run my best time of the season in April at the Sakura Matsuri Marathon in for that starts in about 3 hours.

So, if you see me this week and want to ask me how my run was, it's no problem-just don't ask me about my time! ha ha!

The highlight of today will be going to Sanzoku afterwards! Then tomorrow I'll be getting out for a run in the morning to start burning off all the weight I've gained the past year when I couldn't train properly! I guess this counts as my new year's resolution. What's yours?

Have a great day!

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