Drunken decision

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be another nice, winter day out there. The high will get up to 12C, which is about 2C above normal for this time of year. And it's going to be the same tomorrow. The weather for Wednesday is still a bit up-in-the-air, but the rest of the week is looking pretty good-a bit chillier than it has been, but sunny.

Yesterday was the first race of the year for me. It was held in Kuga, in Iwakuni City near Sanzoku and it went reasonably well. Considering I spend almost all of last year fighting injuries and only felt healthy from the middle of December, the fact that I ran 10km in 45:51 was a pleasant surprise. Even though it was about 4 minutes slower than my time last year, I was happy because I was expecting to run a time closer to 50 minutes.

After the race, we headed to an izakaya to enjoy a beer or two...or three.

And if you're a drinker, you can imagine what happened next, we were chatting and then the alcohol got hold of our tongues and we ended up making challenges, predictions, and competitions with each other for the next race. One of the members who usually runs 10km in around 70 minutes predicted that she would finish the race in under 50 minutes! I'm sure she regrets saying that now...or she will when she wakes up...well, if she even remembers it...ha ha!

We even ended up splitting into two teams and promising to have our own intra-squad mini-relay race at our next race. Well, it's not really a relay race because we can't do it, but you know...when you're in the middle of having too many beers anything seems possible. It did last night! Now, I'm not so sure.

And usually, when you make these bold statements/promises/challenges when you're drunk, it's not a big deal because nobody remembers the details the next day and it's kind of swept under the rug. Unfortunately, last night somebody thought it would be a good idea to write them down. That's never a good idea! Ha ha!

So, now I've got to seriously get back into training now that my feet are feeling better and because the beer made me make some promises that I doubt I'll be able to keep.

The good news is that it'll help me get rid of my beer belly...I hope!

Have a great day! And my advice today is to not make promises or agree to challenges after you've had a couple 
of drinks...ha ha!

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