Strawberry Shortcake Potato Chips

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Japan now has a new crazy potato chip flavour, and it tastes just like a Japanese Christmas cake!

They’ve given us chips that taste like bananas, peaches and even matcha powdered green tea. Now popular snack food maker Koikeya is taking a page from the field of cake-making for their new flavour sensation, bringing us the awesome strawberry shortcake-flavoured chip. When I was in Yamaguchi, I tried a bag for myself.


The chips are made using Tochiotome strawberries from Tochigi Prefecture, the nation’s number one producer of the sweet red fruit.

The release was perfectly timed to coincide with the most popular time of year for strawberry shortcake consumption: Christmas! The cake’s red strawberries and white whipped cream make it a popular choice for families to share together on December 24 or 25 as they conveniently match the colours of Santa’s festive outfit and Japan’s national flag. How would strawberry shortcake fare as a potato chip flavour, though? I opened the bag to find out.

Instantly, we could smell the sweet fragrance of strawberries. (We were all sitting in a warm car, waiting for the race to begin.) The chips didn't look red or creamy or anything. Indeed, it was just a plain-looking potato chip.

As soon as the chip hit my tongue, I was already reminiscing about the cakes of Christmas past. As soon as the crispy morsel was in my mouth, I couldn’t believe what I was tasting.

Laughing with disbelief, I tried to describe the incredible flavour sensation to my friends. It didn’t taste like a fruit, it tasted like an actual Japanese Christmas cake! The sweet flavour of whipped cream was there, mixed with just the right amount of sour strawberry, spreading evenly around her mouth as if I were eating a piece of strawberry shortcake. It was shocking and delicious all at the same time.

Sure enough, cream-flavored powder (クリーム風味パウダー) is high up on the ingredients list, which explains why it was so prominent in the flavour profile. There’s strawberry fruit juice powder in there too and stevia is also used as one of several sweet ingredients.

Would I buy them again? Maybe. They tasted better than I expected, but it was hard for my brain to connect sweet taste with potato chips. On the back of the bag, there's a picture of a strawberry shortcake and if you look at it while eating the chips, they taste even more like strawberry shortcake!

If you want to pick up a bag and give them a shot, they're only Y130! If you like strawberry shortcake, you won't be disappointed.

Have a great day! 

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You have a good taste as a writer to write the blog about strawberry on Strawberry's Day!! Ichigo(15) means strawberry in Japanese. Hehe😁

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Of course! I waited until the 15th...or maybe it was just a coincidence...ha ha!

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