Masui-sukiyaki and foreign food

Good morning everyone,

The weather forecast for today hasn't changed-we can expect rain to arrive after lunch and then continue throughout the day and most of tomorrow. Highs both days will be around 10C, so we probably won't see any snow. We may see some snow on Tuesday though, when the high will drop down to only 5C. It'll remain cold on Wednesday, but should clear up and then be slightly warmer the rest of the week.

When was the last time you had sukiyaki? I had it last night at Masui, but before then it'd been around ten years!

Have you ever been to Masui?
masui front entrance
I've walked past the shop hundreds of times-it's only about 30m from my school-but I've never had a chance to go. I've heard that it's lunch is good and reasonable, but I almost always pack my lunch so I had no reason to check it out. Last night, one of my business classes had a Good-bye Party for one of the members and invited me.

I'm glad they did! It was great!
masui sukiyaki
There was so much food, we couldn't eat it all! There were a couple of plates of hors d'oeuvres (not オードブル-hors d'oeuvres should be pronounced like 'or dervs'.), some salads and edamame. Anyway, today's lesson is finished-it's my day off! Then they brought in the plates of meat, onion, green onion, tofu and that squiggly stuff made from konnyaku (nobody says 'devil's tongue')-I forget what it's called. We ate that up and I was thinking it was a bit small, but no problem. It was just enough for me actually-I probably could have had one or two more bites I thought...

Then they brought the same amount in again! We tried to plow through it, but only got about halfway when they brought udon to put in the leftover sauce...which wasn't leftover at all for us! Ha ha! I ate a couple of bites of the udon, just to show willing, but I was done. I hardly even drank that much because I ate so much! It was tasty though! I'll definitely go back again.

We did learn one important point though-it's not an izakya-it's a restaurant. They kicked us out of there at 9:01 and we were the last people to leave! It was no problem, but I wish I had known that when we got there. I probably would have paced myself a bit better...ha ha!

Yeah, the inside (and most of the staff) look like they've been the same since the middle of the Showa Period, but the food was great and the beer was cold. If you ever have a craving for sukiyaki, give it a shot-just make sure you go around 6:30.

Have a great day!

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