I’ve come across a lot of unusual anime merchandise aimed at the otaku geek market in Japan, but it turns out there’s one product that’s been three years in the making, waiting to surprise us like no other. It’s the “umbrella of your dreams” that keeps you dry from the rain while giving you the warm, fuzzy feeling of taking shelter under the skirt of a wide-eyed anime character.


The “Un-burera“, a play on the words “underpants” and “umbrella”, has been produced by the Million Girls Project, a group of designers who aim to send out whacky products into the world to promote the theme of “Crazy Japan”.

They’ve done that with the upskirt umbrella, which comes in two designs. Representing the vast majority of female anime characters in Japan, these two are joshi kousei, commonly known as JK, or high school girls.

▼ It’s said that the striped blue pattern will remind you of a bright and cheerful blue sky.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.35.27 PM

▼ The swimming costume umbrella is for shy users who aren’t ready to peek at underwear.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.36.05 PM

The products come with warnings that the umbrella will cause extreme embarrassment for the user and that the owner uses the item in public at their own risk.

It’s certainly a controversial product that some will love and others will love to see taken off the market. How about you? 

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