Hiroshima Men's Ekiden

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be cold again today and now they're calling for rain or a chance of snow this evening. Tomorrow will be a mix of sun and clouds with a high of 9C and the next day will be around 7C. Sunday and Monday are both looking really cold, with overnight lows on both days around -5C and daytime highs of 1C on Sunday and 5C on Monday and a chance of snow on both Saturday night and Sunday.

I don't care if it's cold on Sunday, but if there's a ton of snow, it'll suck because I'm hoping to watch the Hiroshima Men's Relay Marathon.

Last year, I went to Peace Park to watch it because I really wanted to try some dishes from all over Japan at the 'Furusato' Event. However, I couldn't really find much to be honest...after the fact, I learned that the main event for 'Furusato' is on Saturday in front of the NHK Building. There were a few shops selling food from other prefectures on the Sunday, but it was mostly packaged food. I wanted to try something that was freshly made.

So, this year I won't bother going all the way to Peace Park. The race goes practically right by my house anyway-on the way out, it's highschoolers and on the way back, it's the main anchor.
hiroshima ekiden course map

I checked online this morning and saw that it started at 12:30 which is a bit later than I expected. It kind of cuts my day in half. I was hoping it would have started earlier, so that I could watch the guys heading to Miyajima and then go out and do something. Now that I know they'll pass by my place around 12:40, I might skip the first stage and just make sure that I'm there when they head back. It takes them about 2:20 to run the entire course, so if I'm there around 2:30, I should catch the last runners on the homestretch.

I wonder where I can get a flag...I want to wave a Hiroshima Prefecture flag at the race. There's probably a free one in the Chugoku Newspaper, but it's not worth paying a year's subscription just to get one measly flag...ha ha!

The good part about watching the race is that it'll hopefully get me motivated to get out and get running again. Even though I've recovered from my injuries, I'm finding it a bit difficult to get motivated to run in the mornings...I can't believe I used to run when it was still dark!

Anyway, have a great day and be prepared for snow or rain tonight!

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