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It's supposed to get up to 10C today, which is downright warm compared to what it's been recently and tropical compared to what we can expect on Sunday and Monday. They're calling for tomorrow to get up to 7C and then Sunday will be 2C and Monday 4C before jumping back up to 12C on Tuesday. It's looking more and more like the Hiroshima Men's Relay Marathon is going to only have the really dedicated fans sticking around to cheer the runners on.                                                

As February nears and plum blossoms begin to dot the landscape around the country, thoughts turn to spring and the beloved sakura, or cherry blossom. This year, you’ll be able to enjoy the blooms from the bottom of a glass, thanks to a cleverly made range of glassware from Japanese design company, 100percent.


Called the SAKURASAKU, which translates to “Blossoming Sakura”, the glass uses the condensation that forms on its sides to create a neat pattern as it collects at the uniquely shaped base.


The result is a blossoming sakura on the table. Much nicer than the plain, ring-shaped versions that usually cause arguments in households. If you’re going to ruin a table, you might as well do it with a pretty pattern!


The glasses come in a variety of styles for any type of drinking occasion. You’ll be able to create small blossom shapes with the sake glass, while the rock glasses will bring out larger patterns. Prices range from Y2,300 for the sake cup to Y2,500 for the tumbler and Y2,800 for the rock glass.


Each glass variety is available to purchase separately or in a set of two that comes packaged in a beautiful wooden gift box, with prices starting at Y4,200.


While the glasses are available in both clear and pale pink colours, they also come in frosted varieties, which have a snow-like look to them. These are designed to invoke the image of “yukizakura” or “snow cherry blossom”, a rare sight that’s absolutely breathtaking in its beauty.


I realize that you missed Christmas, but you know that anytime is ok to give your favourite English teacher a present and what better present to give him (meaning me, of course) than a pair of these glasses! I kind of like the tumblers, but it just seems natural that you should be drinking sake with these glasses, so I'll take the sake cups...ha ha! Of course, the problem is that the sake never stays in the glass long enough to create condensation... 

Have a great day!                                                                                               

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