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Good morning everyone,

Well, while the rest of Hiroshima (and most of the country) was getting hammered by heavy snow yesterday, here in Koi we had a few scattered flurries and that was about it...until this morning. I woke up to find about 10cm of snow on the balcony and the roads are looking pretty slippery too, so be careful if you're heading to work early this morning. It should clear up mid-morning, but it isn't going to be much warmer than yesterday. The high is expected to be around 4C today. Temperatures should slowly rise through the week though and next weekend will be about 12C or 13C warmer than yesterday.

Yesterday was a pretty big day sports-wise, in Japan.
  • Kei Nishikori won at the Australian Open and has advanced to the quarterfinals where he will meet Djokovic...the world #1 tennis player. Kei actually beat Djokovic in the 2014 US Open but hasn't beaten him since. Hopefully, he'll have better luck this time around.
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  • The Hiroshima Men's Relay Marathon was held yesterday in pretty cold and blustery conditions. Aichi was able to pull out the victory, leading from about the middle of the race on. It was an amazing story when you remember that Aichi was the team that was disqualified last year when one runner tossed the sash across the line instead of handing it directly. But the biggest news here in Hiroshima was the home team finishing a strong second. I think most people expected the team to do well because a Hiroshima high school won the National High School Championships and yesterday's relay team had runners from that team on it. It was a huge improvement over last year's result, when Hiroshima finished 13th.
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    • The biggest news coming out of the sports world yesterday was Kotoshogiku winning the New Year's Sumo Tournament, becoming the first Japanese-born sumo wrestler to win a tournament in 10 years! Do you remember who the last winner was? It was Tochiazuma who won the New Year Tournament in 2006. Not only did Kotoshogiku win the tournament, he beat all three yokozuna en route to his 14-1 record, which is pretty amazing! It's not something you see very often, and we haven't seen it in years. If Kotoshogiku can keep up his winning ways, he may be the first Japanese yokozuna since Takanohana retired. He'll need to win at least 10 matches in both of his next two tournaments as well as winning one of them to get a promotion and he's not so young...he's already 31, which is quite old for a wrestler to get his first championship. Anyway, that's a topic for other's to discuss, for now we can just enjoy his performance.

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And that's about it...have a safe trip to work this morning and if you don't have any reason to go out, sleep-in and head out later in the day when hopefully the roads will be a lot less slippery.

Have a great day!

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