Ikinari Steakhouse

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday didn't feel much warmer than Sunday in the morning, but the afternoon didn't seem too bad. Today is going to get up to 8C and then 12C with sunny skies on both Wednesday and Thursday before turning to rain on Friday and Saturday.

So, have you been to the Ikinari Steakhouse downtown? It's on Chuodori, just past Don Quijote. Actually, it's part of a chain and there's one in Soleil as well, but I couldn't tell you the last time I went to Soleil. It's been a year at least...
ikinari steak
Anyway, I went to Ikinari on Sunday morning before the marathon and it was awesome! The meat was just like I remember back home...lean and tender and cooked on a grill. That's what a good lean steak is supposed to taste like! They don't put any seasoning on it while cooking, which is a bit unusual for me, but they have so many good choices at your table, that it's no problem. Well, I say 'table', but actually there are no seats at Ikinari. It's a standing steakhouse, which pretty much means that it's not really a steak'house', doesn't it? At least by my definition.

The menu is close to that of a steakhouse-you've got choices of a few different kinds of steak and a salad or two just so you don't feel guilty about not having your vegies and that's about all that's on the menu. The difference lies in the atmosphere. At Ikinari, with the counters, you don't really have time to relax. We were in and out of there in just over half an hour-and we had a beer, so we were probably one of the longer-lasting groups. We must have seen the restaurant turn over at least once while we were there. (In restaurant-lingo, a 'turnover' is when guests arrive, eat, leave and are replaced by the next set of guests.) That's not nearly long enough to sit down and relax, but that's ok, that's not the point of Ikinari, is it? At a steakhouse back home, it's more of a night out, so we spend around an hour and a half at least.

They do serve a great steak though and it's not cheap...well, it's pretty cheap in Japan if you think about it. You can go to a family restaurant and spend Y1,500 on a tough, thin steak or you can go to Ikinari and spend Y1,800 and get a juicy, tender steak. I know which one I'd choose!

If you haven't gone yet, and you're a fan of steak, I highly recommend it!

Have a great day!

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