Ekimae Fukuya

Good morning everyone,

If you didn't like the weather yesterday, you won't be any happier today as it's going to be pretty much exactly the same-overcast, damp, and chilly. The rest of the week isn't looking much better-we may see some sun tomorrow and Wednesday, but don't expect too much. It'll be mostly cloudy with highs of around 10C all week.

In Japan, department stores have done a much better job of surviving the expansion of shopping malls than back home. Some have gone out of business-like Seibu and Sogo, but for the most part, they are surviving. In Hiroshima, we still have three downtown and one more near the station (as well as at Al Park and Midorii). There are actually two Fukuya Department Stores-one near the station and one near my school.

I went to the Fukuya near Hiroshima Station for the first time in ages yesterday. It's way, wwwaaayyy better than the one in Hachobori. Well, better for me anyway. Sometimes I have to pick something up and don't have time to head to any of my favorite shops, so I figure I can swing by the Fukuya near my school-it's about a one=minute walk. And I always kick myself for even bothering. Like most department stores, there's half a floor of men's fashion to go with the 5 floors for ladies...ha ha! (I'm not exaggerating!) But everything is for people way too old for me-my dad wouldn't even wear that stuff! And it's also insanely expensive. So, I end up buying nothing and regretting the time wasted there when I could have gone somewhere else.

The Fukuya near the station seems geared a bit more for younger people. Or is it just me? I definitely want to check it out again real soon. It's got a floor for outdoor activities-that's where I went-as well as almost two whole floors of menswear! I've never seen so many men's clothing stores in one place in Hiroshima! Ha ha! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to check it out yesterday (or fortunately, because I can't afford to waste any money on clothes), but I'll definitely head back there when I'm in the market for some new clothes.

Has it been renovated recently? I don't remember there being such a good selection of stores in it in the past...

Have a great day!

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