Keeping Warm

Good morning everyone,

Ahhh...about the rain yesterday-who ordered that?! Certainly not me! This whole week is looking a bit grey, it'll start out overcast today and then we may see some sun later and more sun tomorrow before clouding over again on Friday and through the weekend. Highs all week will remain around 10C.

If anyone has emailed my school account and I haven't replied-don't blame me! It's my stupid Outlook account. I'm trying to get it sorted out, but I have no idea how to fix it. Until then, if you want to make or cancel a reservation, please email my Hotmail account: Sorry.

Are you one of those people who hates the cold? You probably love 'kairo', if you are. They are amazing! And, yes, we have them in Canada too. I had those hand warmer ones that you had to shake to warm up when I was a kid...a long, long, long time ago.

I always have a few in my running bag for emergencies...usually to lend to my teammates! Ha ha!

But I might pick these up for next time...

On December 7th, a new alternative to the kairo emerged. Called Taberu Kairo, or Edible Kairo, these tablets claim to provide the same warmth of the regular heat pads, only from the inside out. And at Y1,000 for a packet of just 16 tablets, this product isn’t messing around either. The reason for the steep price is the main ingredient: 250 milligrams of domestically produced fermented black ginger per tablet.

The whole thing seems a little too good to be true, but if it holds up to its claims, Edible Kairo could be the invention of the century.

Now, all I need is someone to test it on...any takers? 

Have a great day!

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