Al Park Krispy Kreme is closing?!

Good morning everyone,

The next few days will see seasonal highs of between 10C and 12C and a mix of sun and clouds. Monday is looking pretty overcast, but they aren't calling for snow or rain in the city. However, by the time next Thursday rolls around, you may want to dig out your shorts-they are calling for a high of 16C on Thursday and then 18C on Friday with an overnight low of 10C! That's crazy weather for February! Actually, I'm just jealous that it won't be happening on my days off...

Speaking of my days off-I don't know what I'm going to do for a coffee from the end of this month. The Krispy Kreme at Al Park is closing! They announced that it will close on Feb. 21st, so I'm going to go there at least once more before it closes. I have to say that I'm a bit surprised. It's true that one of the things I loved about that particular Krispy Kreme was that the eat-in section was generally pretty quiet. However, there were always people there buying donuts to go. I guess the rent for that huge eat-in section wasn't worth it. I imagine that they are paying an arm and a leg for that space.

I suppose I could always head to the Yume Town in Hatsukaichi to get my Krispy Kreme fix, but that seems like an awful long way to go, just for a donut. Mind you, if I rode my bicycle there and back, I could justify having two without feeling guilty...ha ha!

Anyway, I feel like they gave up on that location too quickly. I've noticed recently that there are more and more people having a coffee and a donut in the store and it's not nearly as empty as it used to be. Is it as busy as the Starbucks across the way? Of course not, but it's not a café, is it? It's a donut shop.

I, for one, will be a little sad when it closes. But to look on the bright side, we can wonder what's going to open in that space vote is for a Shake Shack...well, a guy can dream, can't he? Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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Now I checked the website of Krispy Kreme and it's true the shop is closing...
Recently, many convenience stores sell donuts with low price, that's why the shop closing?😔I