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Yesterday felt pretty chilly in the morning and today and tomorrow aren't going to be much better. We'll see highs both days of around 10C and overnight lows between 2C and 4C. It'll slowly warm up through the week, with Wednesday and Thursday seeing highs around 12C or 13C. Friday and the weekend are looking warm with highs in the mid-to-high teens-unfortunately, that warm weather will come with rain...

People who skip breakfast have a higher risk of suffering a stroke, according to a survey released by researchers at the National Cancer Center and Osaka University on Feb. 4.

Researchers stated that a large spike in blood pressure in the morning is a result of missing breakfast. While it has been pointed out in other studies that not having breakfast could trigger obesity and other symptoms, this is the first time that skipping breakfast has been linked to the increased risk of having a stroke.

The researchers conducted questionnaires about lifestyle habits on people in the country in 1995 and 1998. About 80,000 people aged between 45 and 74 from eight prefectures responded to the survey, and researchers divided them into four groups based on the frequency of having breakfast in a week. The researchers then tracked down the respondents up until 2010 to see the relationship between breakfast habits and cerebral strokes.

The results showed that the group of people who skip breakfast or eat breakfast only once or twice a week has a 1.18 times higher risk of having strokes compared to the group of those who have breakfast every morning.

High blood pressure is one of the main causes of cerebral hemorrhage. Blood pressure rises when one wakes up in the morning, and it spikes even higher if the person skips breakfast and feels a sense of hunger and other stress, according to previous research results quoted by the researchers.

Osaka University professor Hiroyasu Iso, who specializes in public health, said, "It has been known for a while that children lack concentration if they miss breakfast, affecting their school grades. W know can confirm that adults, too, had better eat breakfast every morning to prevent lifestyle diseases."

So, take it from me...and my mom...oh, and some scientists...but my mom is, take it from my mom who always says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I agree. And this applies to adults as well as children.

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