Tokyo in 2045

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It did feel a bit warmer yesterday. Is winter seriously over already?! All we had was one cold week...hmmm...I doubt that it's over. Maybe it's because I'm Canadian, but there's no way I can believe that we won't experience any more cold weather-it's only the beginning of February! It won't be this week though...we'll see a high of 10C today, then 12C, then 16C by Thursday and skies will be mostly sunny for the next three days. Friday and the weekend are looking warm and rainy with a high of 19C on Saturday.

Ever wonder what Tokyo will look like in the future? You don't have to wonder's a design that is in the making...

No, this isn't some dream concept made up by a science fiction writer. It's a real design created by an architectural firm as part of the initiative by the Tokyo government to help plan the future for Tokyo.
It will be 5,577ft tall when built

The central part of the plan is the tower in the middle. Plans for a mile high skyscraper in Tokyo could be twice as tall as the current tallest building in the world, Dubai's Burj Khalifa-it will be 5,577ft tall when completed.

This super-tall building is set to host up to 55,000 people in Tokyo bay and if the plans are accepted - the 'Sky Mile Tower' would be surrounded by a series of man-made hexagonal islands, Architectural Digest reports.

These islands are designed to protect Tokyo from flooding and act as foundation for homes for nearly half a million people.

The skyscraper could be completed as soon as 2045 if approved.

The tower and satellite islands, designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox and engineering firm Leslie E. Robertson, are planned to be partially powered by its transit system.

Additionally - wind farms, solar panels and algae farms on the islands are planned to provide electricity as well as public beaches for residents to enjoy.

The tower's facade is designed to collect filter and store water preventing the need to pump water to the top floors.

According to Architectural Digest, the tower will have "multilevel sky lobbies where residents would share amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, gyms, libraries, and health clinics."

What do you think? Would you like to live there? You wouldn't want to be afraid of heights, that's for sure. As for me, I'll stick with farm life, thank you very much.

Have a great day!

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