Sakura shoes too?!

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I kept hearing from students yesterday that it was quite warm during the day-I was stuck inside all day, but I can tell you that the morning and evening were quite cold, actually. Today is expected to get up to 14C and be sunny, so it's looking like the best day over the next little while...tomorrow and Saturday will be warmer, highs are expected to be between 15C and 18C! Unfortunately, it's also expected rain both days and Sunday as well. From Monday, the sun will return, however it's also going to be a lot colder. It's only expected to get up to around 8C on Monday and Tuesday.

I'll be the first to admit that it's highly unlikely I'll be having a 'Sakura Pepsi' (from yesterday's blog). And while the sakura sake glasses I wrote about a while back are really cool-looking, I don't entertain much, so they'd probably be a waste of money. But I can't say the same about these...they are much more tempting.

These cherry blossom kicks will tell the whole world your feet are ready for spring.

Shoemaker Nike has launched its own line of sneakers with Japanese styling cues. Nike has decided to focus on possibly the country’s most enchanting visual icon: the cherry blossom.

The flowers are drawn in a style reminiscent of traditional suibokuga ink wash painting. Trditionally, suibokuga artwork is done strictly in gradients of black, but Nike bends the rules by rendering the blossoms in pink, although the white background still retains much of the art form’s high-contrast look.

SN 3

The sakura are blooming across three different Nike models, starting with the SB Air Zoom Stefan Janoski Elite skateboarding shoes seen above, which are priced at Y10,000. If you’re looking for a pair you can run in, there’s also the Stefan Janoski Max Premium for about Y1,000 more.

SN 5

And if your two biggest priorities are ankle support and price, the high-top Dunk High Pro SB model provides the most support and is the cheapest of the sakura lineup at Y9,000.

SN 11

All three models can be ordered through Nike’s website. While there's no chance of me getting the basketball shoes, I'm torn between the sneakers and the running shoes.

The sneakers seem like the kind of shoe I could wear regularly, but then I remembered one rule of fashion-if you're a man over 30, you shouldn't be wearing 'loud' shoes. In which case, the runners seem more feasible. It seems like the fashion rules go out the window when sports are involved. We see tons of men wearing bright colours if they're running or playing golf. Why is that? I'm not sure, but it's not unique to Japan.

Anyway, the odds of me getting either pair is pretty low, but if I had to choose...hmmm...well, I like the white accents in the sneakers more than the black ones in the running shoes, so I'd probably stick with the skateboarding sneakers...size 26.5 if anyone is still wondering what to get me for a late (very, very, late) Christmas present...ha ha! What do you think? Could I pull them off?

Have a great day!

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