Sakura Beer too?!

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I'm no meteorologist, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it might rain today...ha ha! It's going to stop raining late tonight and tomorrow will start off cloudy and then clear up. The beginning of next week is looking pretty normal for this time of year-a mix of sun and clouds, daytime highs of around 10C and overnight lows around 2C or 3C. I feel like this is the first time this winter that I can use the word 'normal' to describe the weather.

I feel like I'm often writing about sweets in my blog, so I thought it would be nice to talk about something that wasn't loaded with sugar for a change...

Japanese craft brewer Sankt Gallen has released their seasonal beer made with cherry blossom petals. Like Starbucks and Kit Kat, it is only available for a limited time, but with spring just around the corner, the Kanagawa Prefecture-based company is bringing back the special brew.
SB 1

Succinctly called Sankt Gallen Sakura, the five-percent alcohol beer is made with the flowers of leaves of the yaezakura variety of cherry blossom tree, which are also used in a variety of Japanese teas and confectionaries. Each 2,340-liter batch of the beer is produced with the addition of 60 kilograms of sakura grown in Nagano Prefecture.

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The beer is produced with a mix of malted barley and wheat, and ordinarily hop-loving Sankt Gallen goes a bit easier than it usually does on the bitter flavoring for its cherry blossom beer, which has an IBU (International Bitterness Units) value of 17.

Sankt Gallen Sakura is priced at Y463 a bottle (which means I won't be drinking one this year-that's about double the price of a bottle of Heartland!) and goes on sale at Japanese grocery stores and liquor shops from February 25 to early April.

If you're going to a 'hanami' and want to be the hit of the party, show up with a few bottles of this stuff! Everyone will love you for it!

Have a great day!

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