February 22nd is Cat Day

Good morning everyone,

I don't know about Hiroshima, but yesterday in Fukuyama it was REALLY windy. I felt like I was running in a typhoon! Ha ha! The forecast for the next few days is supposed to be pretty much the same-highs of around 10C and mostly cloudy. Although they are now calling for rain tomorrow. The rest of the week will see overnight lows around 0C and a mix of sun and clouds. 

Did you know that today was Cat Day (only in Japan, in the rest of the world Cat Day is August 8th). Apparently, Japanese pet food makers decided that today was Cat Day back in 1987 because the date-2/22 can be read as 'nyan-nyan-nyan', which is the sound that cats make in Japan (instead of meow). I know that Japanese has a variety of ways to say numbers, the number two can be said as 'ni', 'fu', or 'two', but I've never heard anyone say 'nyan'.

I think it's a bit of a stretch for them to take 'ni' and say that it sounds like 'nyan', but nonetheless, today is Cat Day. So, what does that mean?

I guess the Japanese pet food makers want us to buy extra special for our cats this day...ha ha!

Well, I guess it depends on a couple of things. If you're a cat lover, you can probably head to a cat café and spend quality time with a cat. Or if you've got one at home, you can be ignored by it until it wants some food (like usual).

Or, if you're in Tokyo, you can head to a donut shop that makes special 'cat doughnuts'.
Celebrate Cat Day in Japan with these delicious cat doughnuts from Ikumi Mama Animal Doughnuts

Of, if you're like me and more of a dog person, you can meet up with a  friend and go for oysters...ha ha!

By the way, they took a poll and ranked the most popular cats in Japan. Can you guess the top three? Scroll down for the answers...

Have a great day!

#3. Doraemon, the cat-like robot

#2. Kitty-chan

#1. Neko-bus, the bus from Shigeo Miyazaki's 'Totoro' 

Could you get them right? I wonder if a newer poll (it didn't say when that poll was taken) would include some cats from 'Yokai Watch' instead...

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