These pyjamas will ruin your life...

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Was I the only one who was caught in the sudden rain yesterday? Luckily, it wasn't too heavy, but it sure was cold. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to hear that it snowed somewhere in Hiroshima last night. Today isn't going to be any warmer, but at least there's a chance that we'll see some sun, which should make the day feel warmer. In fact, the whole week is going to be cool, with highs between 9C and 11C. The middle of next week is looking nice though-it'll get up to 14C on Tuesday and then they're calling for a high of 18C on Wednesday. That's still a ways away yet, so I'll believe it when I see it.

The Japanese Internet is fond of describing clothing and furniture that’s incredibly comfortable as hito wo dame ni suru, literally “it will ruin people.” The implication is that once you have one of these items, you’ll never leave your cozy little bubble again, slowly transforming into a lazy hermit as you gradually withdraw from society.

The label is obviously meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but Japanese apparel and interior company Bibi Lab’s Dame Gi full-body pyjama suit, released last year, was a case where the label seemed pretty accurate.

 lazy 3

In the wake of its apparent success, Bibi Lab has since updated its product line with a new version that’s designed with the female otaku in mind: the Dame Gi-chan.

DG 0

Like the ordinary Dame Gi, the new Dame Gi-chan features a hooded, front-zippered design. With no constrictions wrapping around the waist, the garment can easily accommodate any angle of relaxed sprawling or amount of junk food-binging.

While you can take the hood part off, the company strongly recommends raising the face-obscuring hood. The manufacturer lists a number of purported benefits, including keeping your cheeks warm and functioning as an eye mask to help you sleep more deeply. This would be especially useful if you've been up all night pulling a marathon session and watching a whole season of your favorite anime, finally maxing out your video game character’s level, or reading each and every post on my blog.

DG 6

But just because you’re hiding your face doesn’t mean you can’t show off your stylish pigtails, thanks to the flaps on either side of the hood.

DG 10

Another feminine touch is the soft inner lining for the chest area, providing added comfort for going braless around the house.

DG 13

And in carrying on the tradition started by the regular Dame Gi, the backside unzips, allowing you to quickly expose your derriere and situate yourself on the toilet when nature calls.

DG 15

If this looks like just the sort of multi-faceted garment you need, the Dame Gi-chan can be ordered from Amazon Japan for a mere Y7,045. I don't recommend it, if you ever plan on leaving the house again...ha ha!

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