JR-you should be ashamed of yourselves!

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Good morning everyone,


Is it cold enough for you? Well, at least the snow has melted and we’re supposed to see a high of 12C today and 15C tomorrow before really warming up for the weekend. This morning and tomorrow morning will both see temperatures around 0C though. Make sure you dress warm.


Of course you’ve heard about the story of the 91-year old man with dementia. He wandered out of the house one day and was hit and killed by a passing train. Dementia is a horrible thing to see your loved ones go through. Unless of course, you’re an executive at JR Central. They sued the man’s wife, who he lived with, and the man’s son in Yokohama for about 7.2 million. Talk about cold and unfeeling. I was shocked when I heard about the lawsuit for the first time, it doesn’t mesh at all with my image of a kind, gentle and understanding Japan. The strange thing was that they decided to sue the family about 3 years after the accident.


What were they thinking? Who decided to sue a grieving family? That never makes for good press. I was surprised that the company wasn’t roasted by the press or the public. But there didn’t seem to be any backlash at all against JR Central for its decision.


Then, even stranger, JR won the case in the lower courts!


Luckily, the Japanese Supreme Court brought some sense to the case and dismissed the claim’s entirely.

With Japan quickly going grey, this case is sure to have implications in the future. What do you think? How responsible are family members for each other’s actions?


Have a great day!

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