Gold medal for incompetence

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Today is looking nice-skies will be mostly cloudy, but we'll see a high of 19C. Tomorrow will be cooler and rainy and then it'll warm up and clear up for Monday and Tuesday-both days are looking great!. After that, it's going to get chilly again-by Friday, highs will be back down below 10C!

Oops! Japan has done it again. Doesn't it seem like they are leading the world - in the Olympic missteps category. The designers of the new National Stadium apparently forgot to include a cauldron for the Olympic flame. Because, you know...who needs a cauldron for the Olympic games?

And they cannot just stick it anywhere: The interior is largely lined with wood.

Officials are blaming a “lack of communications” between the government and other parties, but say they will fix the problem.

A multiparty leaders’ coordination commission for the 2020 Games says it will set up a review team to decide where to put the flame. It has to take into account the Japanese Fire Service Act, which spells out fire regulations, particularly if the dish is placed high up.

The team, headed by Olympics minister Toshiaki Endo and comprising members of the Games committee, the Japan Sports Agency and stadium operator, the Japan Sport Council (JSC), is to come up with a solution as early as April.

“The basic design will be finalized by May and we’ll deal with it swiftly,” said Endo. He said it is possible the stadium plan by architect Kengo Kuma, adopted in December after a humiliating U-turn over a previous design, could itself face revision.

I don't know about you, but the time leading up to the Olympics can't pass fast enough. I'm sure once they start, they'll be a roaring success, but right now the only thing we can find in the news is one embarrassing article after another.

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