Is it sakura mochi?

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was amazing weather. I went for a ride to Al Park and only wore a long-sleeve dress shirt and I was still sweating when I got there and the good news is that today is going to be pretty much the same. Unfortunately, tomorrow is going to rain and then it's going to cool down for the rest of the week. Highs for Wednesday through Saturday will hover around 9C or 10C and then it's looking like it'll warm up for the end of the week.

I love sakura mocha-especially the one from Chikara, but really, any sakura mocha will do. The saltiness of the cherry tree leaf mixed with the sweetness of the bean paste and wrapped in soft, chewy mochi is a great way to welcome spring.

Now, someone has gone and mixed it with Western cake and I'm half interested and half horrified. What do you think?

The hybrid sweet, which mixes elements of western cake with Japanese sakura mochi, does look beautiful, I must admit. It’s a creation by talented pastry chef Hideki Kubota, who has won a gold medal in the Culinary Olympics (International Exhibition of Culinary Art), so you can expect it to taste amazing as well.

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