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Today, tomorrow and Saturday are going to be chillier than it has been-daytime highs will be around 10C or 11C and overnight lows between 2C and 4C. Sunday and Monday will warm up slightly, but both days are expected to be cloudy or rainy. Tuesday will clear up and then we're expected to see really warm weather by the middle of next week...I can't wait...

Lipstick shades are kissing off Japan’s short-lived economic recovery, and fashion industry hues are turning as somber as a central banker after another ineffectual splurge of money printing.

In the first year of Abenomics, the economic stimulus program of Prime Minister Sinzo Abe, stocks were booming, exports rising and deflation  was in retreat. At that time, Shiseido Co introduced a sassy new lip gloss that reflected people's optimism that the country's economy was headed in the right direction.

It had been more than 20 years since a red as bright as Shiseido’s Lacquer Rouge 413 had been popular, the company said, recalling the boom era before Japan tumbled into two decades of stagnation and deflation in the early 1990s.

Now growth has again turned negative, inflation is flatlining and consumer spending has notched up a fifth straight month of declines. And in response, the color is draining from Shiseido’s lipstick line.

Sales are shifting to hues like Maquillage Dual Color Rouge 10, which is closer to natural Japanese lip color, not to mention Y800 cheaper than bright reds of a couple of years ago. It's looking like Japan’s fading recovery is being matched in the fashion industry.

“There were hopes in society that something good would happen when Prime Minister Abe’s government started,” said Reiko Ohno, spokeswoman for the Japan Fashion Color Association. Wait! What?! There's an association dedicated to the color of fashion?! I should start an association...I'll call it the Japan English Reading & Recitation Yeomen (JERRY for short). What do you think?

Anyway, Ms Ohno said that "the fashion industry was trying to introduce colorful items to match the economic momentum.” Last year, though, as optimism ebbed, fashion turned to more dowdy beiges, grays and navy blues, she said.

With the Bank of Japan expected to cut growth and price forecasts for next year, sources say, the palette for 2017 could be very dour indeed...the way the economy is headed, I'm thinking black or grey for everything...ha ha!

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