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It was pretty cool in the morning yesterday, and today and tomorrow are no different. Overnight lows will be around 5C both days. Today will see a high of 11C and then Sunday and Monday will be slightly warmer, but overcast or rainy. The weather should start to warm up from Tuesday and then Wednesday through Friday will see highs around 20C! Really?! Can we safely say that spring has arrived?

Even though it opened a couple of years ago, I finally made it to the Chikara ramen shop across from my school. I always bring my lunch, so I don't have many chances to eat out and it's really busy at lunchtime. There's almost always a line out the door. But yesterday, I had my lunch at a weird time, so I figured I'd give it a shot.
chikara ramen shop

I didn't take my phone with me, so i couldn't take any pictures, but it was pretty good. Really good, actually.
chikara ramen

It's apparently a collaboration between the local udon shop, Chikara, and Hakata ramen which is quite popular with Hiroshimans (it's originally from Hakata, an area famous in Fukuoka City for it's street food, but has since spread to Hiroshima).

The broth was flavourful and the meat was juicy although the ramen noodles were a bit too thin for my liking...but I'm not complaining. I knew that they were going to be thin, that's one of the things that Hakata ramen is known for.

One thing I learnt though, was that 'aji tamago', which is a medium-boiled egg that is marinated to give it a nice flavour, comes in different tastes. I always had an image of those eggs having an 'umami' taste, which I love. However, the eggs at the ramen shop I went to yesterday were kind of sweet. I think I'll give them a pass next time. And there will definitely be a next time...just hopefully not in two years...ha ha! I will definitely say 'No' to the added garlic next time, though. I can still taste it, after having had dinner and brushing my teeth twice!

Have a great day!

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