UNO has new cards! What?!

Good morning everyone,

It started raining a bit earlier yesterday than they had said it was going to, so that means that it also will stop earlier. In fact, it'll probably have stopped by the time you head outside. Then, it should start clearing up and we'll have sunny weather from lunchtime on. Tuesday through Thursday is looking sunny and Wednesday and Thursday will both get up to around 20C. Friday and Saturday will remain warm, but will likely be cloudy or rainy...

Have you ever played UNO? Of course you have! Who hasn't?! When we were growing up, it was a mainstay at our house for days that were either too cold or too rainy to go out and play.

It was first invented by a barber in Ohio in 1971 and rapidly grew in popularity around the world and was purchased by Mattel in 1992. Like most card games, there are 'local rules'. Like, at my house, you couldn't 'pass'. If you could play a card, you had to play it. And if you couldn't play a card, you had to pick up cards until you got one you could play. I'm sure there were some others that we made up as we went along that I forget now...

Anyway, I saw that they've added new cards to the UNO deck! Did you know that? When did this happen?! 

The new cards are:

Swap Cards: the player who draws this card can swap hands with anyone they choose. So, if you have a handful of cards and someone else has only one or two, you can swap with them.
uno swap hands 

Blank Cards: these cards are...well, blank...funnily enough. The name kind of gives it away. You can either use them to replace missing or damaged cards or some people use them to write local rules on. I'm not sure if these ones are 'new' or not. I'm pretty sure we had them in the decks we got as children, but the idea of writing local rules on them sounds new to me. If we'd done that in my house, we'd have got a cuff upside the ear...ha ha!
uno blank cards

If I ever get a new set of UNO cards, I'm going to make sure they have the new Swap Hands cards included. It sounds like fun! How about you? Would you add a local rule to the blank cards? Hmmm...what rules would I make...

Have a great day!

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