Drinking water

Good morning everyone,

There's no change in the forecast-today and tomorrow will see daytime highs of around 18C along with sunny skies. It'll cloud over and cool down on Thursday with a high of only 14C. Temperatures will continue to hover in the low to mid teens for the rest of the week.

After a tough run in the hot sun in Sera-no wonder their school team does so well in national races if they're always running up and down so many hills-and a late night of drinking to celebrate on Sunday, yesterday was a lazy day. The most exciting thing I did was go to the 100yen store. Ha ha!

I swear I spent over half an hour in the store just looking at all the interesting things they have. Have you been to one recently? I must admit that I don't go that often and when I do it's usually just to quickly pop in and pick something up. I don't usually take the time to look around.

So, yesterday I did and I bought a set of reflectors for my bicycle-because I believe that it's impossible to have too many different bright, shiny things on my bike. I also bought a diamond cleaner for cleaning the mirror in my shower. I'd tried a few different cleaning products, but it never came perfectly clean. Not till yesterday anyway. It worked great-all you need is a splash of water and a little elbow grease and it my mirror is now spotless!

But the most interesting thing I bought yesterday was a filter for my kitchen faucet. It says it's supposed to last for two months, so I have to remember to change it before June rolls around. I swear that my tap water-which I've always drunk-tastes better. It's definitely 'softer', that's for sure. The worst part was when I put it on my tap. To do so, I had to unscrew the little part at the tip of the faucet. It was so gross! I can't believe how much gunk was in there! I don't know whether it was mold or just the blackness was from the black, rubber washer, but a ton of black stuff came off when I washed it.

I'm not sure whether it's because of the quality of the new filter or just getting rid of the old one, but I feel like my water is a lot cleaner now.

It seems like no matter how clean my apartment seems, there's always something else to clean, eh? Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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