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Good morning everyone,

It's going to be another gorgeous day here in Hiroshima, before cooling down for the next 4 or 5 days. The good news is that it will at least remain sunny for most of the week. The high today will be around 18C or 19C and the rest of the week will be around 14C which is pretty much average for this time of year. The mornings and evenings will be cool though-most nights, it's expected to drop down to around 4C or 5C.

I guess you've been inundated with news about the terrorist attacks in Brussels so I'm not going to add anything in my blog. I don't mean to make to make it look like I'm avoiding such a horrible situation, but I'll leave that news to the professionals who have the training and skill to tell the story properly. I'll stick with what I know. And what do I know? Not much to be honest...

But I do know about Kit Kats...ha ha!

Following on from their popular “I LOVE FRUITS” series released last year, Nestlé Japan has announced their next premium collection, called “I LOVE TEA”, featuring five new tea-based flavours.

▼ Left to right: Gyokuro (high quality green tea); Koucha (black tea); Uroncha (Oolong tea); Houjicha (roasted green tea); Genmaicha (green tea with roasted rice).

Kit Kat Tea

Created in collaboration with Takagi Yasumasa, respected patissier and owner of “Le Patissier Takagi” artisan sweets retail stores, the chocolate wafers feature refined flavour profiles and a number of premium quality details.

Gyokuro (lit. Jewel Dew) is considered to be one of the finest high quality green teas, grown under shade instead of full sun, which brings out a rich, yet mellow flavour.


The Koucha (black tea) variety features premium-quality tea leaves blended with milk chocolate, which provides a fruity aroma and well-balanced flavour.

Dark chocolate is used as the base for the Oolong Tea Kit Kat, which provides a slight bitterness alongside the astringent tea flavour, creating a rich, full-bodied sweet.

The Houjicha Kit Kat has a light tea aroma and flavour, using a blend of white chocolate with roasted green tea leaves.

Genmaicha (lit. brown rice tea) is a unique blend of green tea leaves and rice grains which sometimes pop during the roasting process to create puffed white pieces resembling popcorn. The sugar and starches from the rice create a bright, nutty-flavoured tea, which is perfectly replicated in this light, smooth Kit Kat.

The five flavours will be sold in ten-pack boxed sets featuring two of each variety for Y2,484. Available from Kit Kat Chocolatory stores from April 1 (Hey Nestle! When we will get one of these chocolatory stores in Hiroshima?!), customers who visit the Shinjuku Takashimaya store will be able to purchase these ahead of the official on-sale date, from Friday, March 25.


Well, I love Kit Kat and I do enjoy a nice cup of tea every now and then, but I can't say that I'm particularly excited about this series. I don't know about you, but I find that coffee and chocolate make a better mix than tea and chocolate.

Either way, you can bet that I'll be trying one or two or, let's be honest here, all 5 of the some point in the near future. How about you? Do any of these tempt your tastebuds?

Have a great day!

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