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As forecast, it's going to be a bit cooler for the next few days-highs through the weekend will be in the mid teens with both Sunday and Monday looking a bit unsettled. Tuesday will see the warm, sunny weather return, with a high of 19C.

I sometimes wish we had a Denny's here in Hiroshima. Did you know that there are almost 400 Denny's in Japan and not one of them is in Hiroshima! Why does that matter, you ask? We have plenty of family restaurants, you say! Well, yes, but they can't compare to Denny's!

Denny’s in Japan is little to nothing like the diner-style restaurant you’d find in the US, but it still manages to offer a variety of foods for every taste, and even offers an all-you-can-eat pancake service at participating locations. And who doesn’t love pancakes? Better yet, who doesn’t love FREE pancakes?

▼ “Pancakes? I hate pancakes.” Said no one ever.


Since it really doesn’t get much better than free pancakes, you'll be thrilled to discover that Denny’s has a special birthday coupon for a free “dessert present”, which you can use any time during the month of your birthday.

To get your birthday coupon, simply register to become a member on the Denny’s mobile application “デニモバクラブ” (Deni-moba kurabu) on your cell- or smartphone. There are a number of coupons you can get, but by far the most special is the one you’ll receive for your birthday.


Redeeming the coupon is simple: all you have to do is show the waitress the coupon from your phone when you place your order, and within no time, your birthday dreams became reality.

A stack of three fluffy pancakes, mounds of melty vanilla and chocolate ice cream, sliced banana, mixed berries, all drizzled with chocolate sauce, arrive in front of you (luckily they don't sing 'Happy Birthday').

If you’re dining with friends or family, Denny’s will give you extra plates so you can share. But we wouldn’t fault you if you didn’t…

I'd recommend everyone living in the Tokyo metropolitan area to get the coupon take advantage of their special day. In Hiroshima we

I might move to Tokyo...just for the free pancakes once a year. Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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