Wanna' look like Cinderella?

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There is no change in the forecast-temperatures are going to remain slightly below normal for today, the weekend and Monday. Then it's supposed to jump up to 20C on Tuesday and continue to be high through next week. I'll believe it when I see it. Usually, temperatures in Hiroshima tend to creep up or down by only a couple of degrees a day, so I'm guessing that the forecast may change before we get around to Tuesday.

For a number of cultural and dietary reasons, the average person in Asia tends to be of slenderer build than the average person in the West. Carry that a step further, and it follows that the a person considered “slim” in many Asian nations would be considered extremely so in much of North America or Europe.

Recently, there was a beauty trend in China in which people have been comparing their hip-to-hip waist measurement to the width of a piece of A4 paper. If you couldn't see your waist outside the paper, you were fit...if not, flabby. I could probably do it...if the paper were A3 and sideways...ha ha! 


Meanwhile, in Japan, there’s a mathematical formula that’s seeing increased popularity among young women which determines what they refer to as their “Cinderella weight.”

A reference to the fairytale princess who’s traditionally depicted as beautiful and of slight build, the Cinderella weight (in kilograms) is calculated as:

Height in meters (squared) X 18.

Thus, a woman with a height of 1.65 meters would have a Cinderella weight of 49 kgs. By comparison, the Japan Medical Association recommendations for ideal body weight hold that a person’s weight in kilograms be equal to their height in meters squared times 22, which would work out to 59.9 kgs for the woman above.

It’s worth pointing out that the Cinderella weight’s name itself implies that it’s seen, even by those aspiring to it, as a mark of inarguable daintiness, and not necessarily a standard that brands one as obese for failing to comply with it.

Yeah, well...I may be a number of things, but dainty isn't one of them...ha ha! If I applied that test to my height, I'd have to lose about 15kgs to hit my Cinderella weight. Ahhh...I don't think so. What we need is a measurement for Prince Charming weight...

Have a great day!

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