How far away is the Seibu line?

Good morning everyone,

It's already feeling a bit warmer outside. I wonder if spring is really and tomorrow are looking great with daytime highs of around 20C and lows around 9C. Actually, temperatures all week will be around the same. Unfortunately Friday and Sunday are looking like it might rain...I hope not. I'm guessing this is the best weekend for viewing cherry blossoms, so I feel sorry for people who have hanami parties planned.

All aboard the party train!

Alumni parties, or dousoukai, are hugely popular in Japan. Rather than being a once-in-a-blue-moon occasion like a 25-year reunion, many schools and universities in Japan have yearly get-togethers, which range from formal affairs with speeches and souvenirs to informal drunken bashes. Often the bonds formed during university continue well into adult working life.

The key to a good party is all in the venue, and you can now rent a train car on the Seibu line for a drinking party with your pals!

The new venture is part of a campaign run by the Seibu Railway corporation. In recent years, the company has run a series of “beer tours” and mystery tours via train on its routes.

Its target clientele includes those who attended schools which are located along the Seibu Shijuku Line, the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, the Seibu Kokubunji Line, and the Seibu Hajima Line. You can specify which station the train picks you and your buddies up at, and which one it drops you off at for the after-party.

For Y9,000 a person, the railway provides a party course on one of its distinctive yellow trains, including beer and snacks, which can be reserved through the Syoya Dousoukai website. Bookings will be taken until the end of May, and the actual parties themselves will take place from September to December.

Finally, an excuse to be drunk and rowdy on the train!

I wonder if the Hiroden streetcar will let us do the same someday...

Have a great day!

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