Okinawa being sold to China

Good morning everyone,

Yeah, about that rain yesterday...who forecast that? It wasn't even supposed to be cloudy, let alone rainy. Did you get caught in it? I had a wet ride home, luckily my jacket is waterproof so it wasn't too bad for me. I saw a lot of people who were even worse prepared than I was...the rain will stop this morning, but it's going to be a pretty grey day all day today. Tomorrow will be nicer, it'll be a mix of sun and clouds and then Sunday and Monday are looking like we might see rain both days...highs will be between 18C and 21C for the weekend and into next week.

With Japan's debt soaring-it's now over 200% of GDP! (When Italy and Greece defaulted, their debt ratios were 132% and 178% respectively) and the government unable to control spending or jumpstart the economy, they've decided to do the one thing they could do to pay down their debt.

They've sold half of Okinawa to China.

With this sale, the Japanese government expects land prices to rise in the tropical resort island and tourists will flock to Japan from China. The money from the sale alone will generate enough income to pay off the debt in fell swoop! 

Of course I'm so relieved to see the debt paid off, it has been weighing heavily on my mind. With this sale, the future of Japan isn't looking nearly so bleak. But I wonder what cultural assets we'll lose...

I haven't been to Okinawa, but I definitely want to go before they take over the island.

The date they will officially take over control of the island will be one year today. Do you know what day that is? It's April Fool's Day!

Have a great day!

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