Microbrewery Festa in Hiroshima

Good morning everyone,

I hope you took advantage of the chance to see the cherry blossoms yesterday...it's supposed to rain today and tomorrow and there's a good chance that it'll knock most of the flowers down and any 'hanami' you have planned after the rain stops will mostly likely just be 'happami'...ha ha! Actually, this week in general is looking pretty grey and overcast. Only Tuesday is supposed to be nice, the rest of the week will see rainy or cloudy weather and highs all week will continue to hover around 20C.

Later this month, we can look forward to two days of microbrews and food at the old baseball stadium site. I've been avoiding that place like the plague in recent years-mainly because it's so overpriced and so crowded that it's not worth it for me. Plus, I'm a boring beer drinker-I don't need beer from a craft brewer to enjoy the taste. Just make it cold and crisp without any strong after taste and I'm happy! Ha ha!

However, I may actually give it a try this year. These prices look downright reasonable compared to previous years. Maybe they're actually listening to people. One of the biggest complaints of mine-and many others echoed them-was that you could only buy beer in a 'jokki' size, which is slightly smaller than a pint. Which means that, unless you're like my brother, you can only try 2 or 3 different kinds of beer.

This year, they are offering beer in two sizes-80mL tasters or 250mL glasses. That sounds much more reasonable to me. And if you buy the tickets ahead of time, you can get 10  of the 250mL ones for Y4,000, including being able to keep the commemorative glass. I swear I paid more than that for 3 glasses of beer the last time I went there and I didn't get to keep the glass...ha ha! (for those of you back home, that's about $45 for 3 glasses of beer...so the same as at a Leaf game).

Here are my awesome translations of the Japanese site.

Over 20 varieties of local beers from around the country.

  • Saturday, April 16 12:00-20:00
  • Sunday April 17 11:00-17:00

Advance tickets go on sale February 2, 2016

Advance tickets:

  • ¥4000 for 10 tickets with a 250ml glass
  • ¥2800 for 5 tickets with a 250ml glass
  • ¥2600 for 5 tickets with a 250ml plastic cup
  • ¥3200 for 20 sampler tickets with a 80ml glass

On the day:

  • ¥500 a drink
  • ¥3300 for 20 sampler tickets with a 80ml glass
  • Original 250ml Glass ¥500
  • Plastic cup ¥50

Tickets available from Golden Garden, Raku Beer, 7-11, Lawson and Ticketopia from January 28-along with a ton of other places that I was way too tired to translate...you can look them up yourself if you really want to.

What do you think? Does it sound tempting?

Have a great day!

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