Good morning everyone,

Yesterday's weather was a bit weird, wasn't it? It'd rain, clear-up, cloud over and then start raining again and then should be great-it'll get up to around 20C and be mostly sunny. Tomorrow will start out the same, but it may actually rain later in the day before turning to rain completely on Thursday. From Friday through the weekend is looking really nice if you're planning on having a late hanami party.

I was supposed to go to one yesterday, but the weather put a kibosh on that plan and we ended up going to Ikinari Steak. My friend ordered the lunch special and it was tough...just like any family restaurant steak. I didn't want to risk it, so I ended up getting the same one I had before. It was awesome again!

So, it looks like I may completely miss out on a hanami party this year altogether...<sigh>. However, according to a recent poll, I may be one of the few people who actually enjoy hanami parties. This poll was taken of 500 Japanese people about things that are downers at their party. People were allowed to vote more than once...
Rank Votes
1No-one’s actually looking at the cherry blossoms192
2There’s a huge long queue for the toilets147
3There’s rubbish scattered all over the place127
4Tidying up afterwards is a major task102
5While waiting at my booked spot, the wind gets up and blows all the blossom away80
6Weather is too cold for beer70
7I went along but didn’t know anyone56
8I really need a pocket warmer53
9The invitation was “Meet at the park!”, but it’s too big and I cannot find them51
10I just can’t get into the party mood48
11=I lose my shoes42
11=An ambulance gets called42
11=I realise some unknown person has joined our group42
14We run out of toilet paper38
15=I catch a cold from waiting so long after booking a space early in the morning35
15=Someone gets drunk and strips off35

I've definitely experienced a few of these, but not all of the ruin the party. #11-some unknown person joining the party is a bit annoying, but I'm Canadian, so I don't worry about being polite and just tell them that it's a private party and they only annoy me for a few minutes. Otherwise, I don't mind cleaning up or looking for my friends at the park. And who cares if people aren't looking at the cherry blossoms? They are part of the background scenery. Like wallpaper in your room-you don't need to be looking at it all the time to appreciate it, right?

Plus, I don't mind if someone gets drunk and strips off...well, I would mind if it were my friend Steve. Nobody wants to see him naked! Ha ha!

How about you? Do you think hanami are too much of a hassle to be worth it? Or do you think they're worth the trouble? If you think they are, please organize one for next weekend and invite me! ha ha!

Have a great day!

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