Another new Frappucino from Starbucks...

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It's looking like we can expect really nice weather from today and all the way through the weekend and into next week. Skies will be blue, temperatures will be over 20C and there's no rain in the forecast till the middle of next week. Enjoy this weather while you can!

If you love fruit, then Starbucks Japan’s latest Frappuccino drink, set to come out next week, should make your mouth water in sweet anticipation. Starting on April 13, they’ll be offering the “Cantaloupe Melon and Cream Frappuccino“, which, as the name suggests, will contain plenty of melon goodness!


The new drink will consist of a rich milk-flvored panna cotta cream and a melon sauce containing pieces of actual cantaloupe mixed with the cream-based frozen Frappuccino component made with real cantaloupe juice, all topped with a generous serving of whipped cream. The distinct aroma and gentle sweetness of cantaloupe should contrast well with the milky richness of the panna cotta.

But the best part of the drink is probably be the texture of the cantaloupe pieces that pop into your mouth when you drink the Frappuccinno with an extra-wide straw. In fact, they’ve even advertised that drinking the beverage should feel a bit like eating an actual cantaloupe.  Combine that with the softness of the panna cotta and the crunch of the frozen juice, and it should make for a delightful mixture of sensations indeed!

▼ And of course, the bright orange color of the cantaloupe and the white of the whipped cream should create a striking visual image.


The Cantaloupe Melon and Cream Frappuccino will be available in a tall size only for Y630, until May 17. It looks like this could be a perfect drink for feeling cool and refreshed, especially as the weather starts to get warmer, and we have to admit, a beautiful cantaloupe dessert presented as a drink sounds awfully appealing. If you’re going to be in Japan in the coming weeks, your nearest Starbucks might be as far as you need to look for a taste of your very own fruit heaven!

I have to admit that it looks fantastic and as long as you think of it as a dessert and not as a drink, I think you might enjoy it. In fact, I may even try's probably been about 2-3 years since I last had a Frappucino, so it might be time to give one a try. How about you?

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