Spring fashion makeup

Good morning everyone,

It's going to be a gorgeous day today. In fact, today and the next two days are all going to be fantastic! After that, well, what do you expect? It'll be the 'Flower Festival', so of course it's going to rain at least one day...ha ha! Doesn't it seem like it always rains at least once during the 'Flower Festival'? This year isn't looking any different.

Spring is definitely here. And with warmer weather, it’s time to update your style with lighter and brighter clothing and cosmetics. While I'm probably the last person you'd think of asking for makeup advice, I figure that a lot of my readers are women and might want to know how to talk about makeup...so here's some advice on spring makeup.

When choosing the right makeup, clear, light, or warm pastels are a must. Think “Japan in bloom,” with cute, warm, golden-blond, or water-based colors to match your mood.

Spring is also the time to adjust your base foundation. Keep a cool base, but add some warmth into the mix. There is no magical rule here; just seek out the right professional advice and then get creative. Remember to keep it light, and don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

If your skin possesses a naturally warm hue, you may not need to add tone into your mixture. I recommend taking a mirror into a room with lots of natural light—or stand next to a window—to verify the color of the foundation before you move back to the bathroom to apply your makeup.


Choosing the right colors is essential. Keep an eye out for clothes and cosmetics in golden and dark beige, clear blue, turquoise, hazel, pink, pinkish purple, ivory, peach, light red, amber, and green.

On a local note, the seasonal colors found in kimono can provide inspiration for achieving a look that feels natural in Japan. For spring, some interesting combinations include yanagi (willow), yamabuki (Japanese rose), ume (plum), tsusuji (azalea), sawarabi (freshly-budded bracken), sakura (cherry blossom), momo (peach), and kōbai (red-blossomed plum tree).

For hair color, it’s time to add subtle highlights or even move to a lighter color. We all want to bring more shine to our hair at this time of the year, representing a new beginning. I, on the other hand, just want to keep my hair...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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