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In a stunning triumph for a political outsider, Donald Trump all but clinched the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday with a resounding victory in Indiana that knocked rival Ted Cruz out of the race and cleared Trump’s path to a likely November face-off with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Trump still needs about 200 delegates to formally secure the nomination, but Cruz’s decision to end his campaign removed his last major obstacle.

“Ted Cruz — I don’t know if he likes me or he doesn’t like me — but he is one hell of a competitor,” Trump said of his last fierce competitor whom he had dubbed “lyin’ Ted.” Trump, in a victory speech that was much lower-key than usual, promised victory in November, vowing anew to put “America first.”

Hillary Clinton, who is also virtually locked to win her parties' nomination, and Trump now plunge into a six- month battle for the presidency, with the future of America’s immigration laws, health care system and military posture around the world at stake. While Clinton heads into the general election with significant advantages with minority voters and women, Democrats have vowed to not underestimate Trump as his Republican rivals did for too long.

Previewing Clinton’s general election message, top adviser John Podesta said Trump was “simply too big of a risk” to be president.

For months, Republican leaders considered him a fringe candidate (me too) and banked on voters shifting toward more traditional contenders. But Trump tapped into Republicans’ deep anger with party leaders and outlasted more than a dozen experienced political rivals.

Party Chairman Reince Priebus declared the race over, saying on Twitter that Trump would be the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

“We all need to unite and focus on defeating @HillaryClinton,” he wrote.

Indeed, Trump’s first challenge will be uniting a Republican Party that has been roiled by his candidacy. While some GOP leaders have warmed to the real estate mogul, others have promised to never vote for him and see him as a threat to their party’s very existence.

Only about half of Indiana’s Republican primary voters said they were excited or optimistic about any of their remaining candidates becoming president, according to exit polls. Still, most said they probably would support whoever won for the GOP.

Is anyone else shocked by this news? At first I, and many others, thought the Trump campaign was just for his own personal PR and ego, but it kept picking up speed and now he's looking like a shoo-in to be the Repubican nominee...and I'm not sure about Japan, but in the USA, most people vote religiously for their favorite party regardless whether they agree with/like the leader of the party and his or her politics. Which means, the presidential election will be close...there is now a distinct possibility that Trump could become President of the United States...scary stuff. I say 'scary' because his very nature-bombastic, outspoken, emotional, close-minded and stubborn-makes him unpredictable and an unpredictable American president is bad for the political stability of the world.

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