Don't throw away your PET bottles-try this instead!

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It's going to continue sunny today and through the weekend with highs of 24C or 26C and then we may see some rain on Monday and the daytime high will be only 23C.Tuesday will be a bit nicer and then by Wednesday it'll be sunny and warm again.

If you’ve heard any sort of lecture on taking care of and improving the environment, you’re sure to have heard of the “Three Rs”: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reducing is, of course, first and more important. Don’t use what you don’t need, choose things that can be used multiple times over things meant to be tossed after just one use… One easy change that can have a huge impact is purchasing a reusable water bottle that you can take with you and refill as you need, instead of buying a bottle of water every time you need a drink.

But sometimes you’re caught out without your own water bottle, or you are simply unable to find a place to refill your bottle while you’re out and about, and have no other choice but to buy a bottled drink. The next step? Reuse, and here are seven handy items which help you do just that!

1. Bottle cap pencil sharpener (Y303)

Mechanical pencils have pretty much eliminated the need for pencil sharpeners, but if you’re an artist using graphite or colored pencils, or simply prefer a good old-fashioned wood pencil to a mechanical one, you’ll find yourself dealing with pencil shavings from time to time. Even pencil sharpeners that have a container to catch pencil shavings tend to be tiny and require frequent emptying. With this ingenious bottle cap pencil sharpener, however, you can turn any empty water bottle into a pencil-shaving catch and not have to worry about dumping your shavings for weeks… months, even!


And for you Disney fans out there, there’s even a Mickey Mouse-ear version.

2. Pet bottle smartphone holder/tripod (Y999)

Great for hands-free video-watching while you’re enjoying a meal, taking notes, or are just sick of holding onto your smartphone 24/7. Also works as a tripod for those timed, large group selfies.


3. Bottle humidifier (Y1,800)

During the dry winter months, it’s important to replenish the moisture in your home to help prevent the spread of icky cold viruses (which spread much more easily in dry air), and to help keep your dry throat soothed. A standard humidifier can be quite pricey, but this PET bottle humidifier cube is not only a lot more economical, it takes up much less space, allows you to reuse plastic water bottles, and is chargeable via USB port!


4. The Lightie (TBA)

The Lightie is an inexpensive, practical way to give nighttime lighting to millions of people throughout the world who are either dependent on expensive candles or fuel to give them light after sundown, or are simply left in the dark. The Lightie is recharged by solar energy, and can fit any standard PET bottle to provide hours of light. Unfortunately, it's only available for pre-order at this point.


5. Pet bottle wiper (Y1,236)

Sure to make those outdoor cleaning jobs that much easier. Similar wiper attachments (without sponge) are also available at 100 yen stores for those of you on a budget.


6. RETHINK pet bottle hanger (Y800)

Shoulder-nipples (you know-those bumps/lines on your shirt from using a thin hanger) are never a good fashion look, requiring you forgo typical wire hangers and invest in more expensive wood hangers to fix the problem. The RETHINK hanger isn’t exactly a cheaper alternative, but it can at least help you keep some plastic bottles out of the landfill, while avoiding the dreaded shoulder-nipple at the same time! One net-user made a plea for 100-yen stores to start selling something similar… We’ll be waiting for this, Daiso!



7. Lace Vace (Y5,000)

Who knew plastic bottles could look so good?



How about you? Do you have any clever ways to reuse empty (or full) plastic water bottles?

Have a great day!

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