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Good morning everyone,

It's going to be a gorgeous few days-well, we need a few days to dry out after yesterday, eh? Highs for the next few days will be in the mid to high 20s and mostly sunny, enjoy now while you can...rainy season has just started in Kagoshima, so it's only a matter of time till it's hot and humid here as well.

Do you use FRISK to keep your breath fresh? I used to, but I switched to Mintia a few years ago (it's about half the price). Maybe I'll have to switch back...

Japanese homeware/daily commodities maker Doshisha has teamed up with the makers of the well-known breath mints to develop the world’s first line of licensed FRISK cosmetic products.

The items all include menthol (or menthol fragrance), making them perfect for use during the hot summer. Let’s take a look at the five items that are being released in mid-May:

1. Body Soap
This liquid soap is available in the regular “Cool” type (left) and the “Super Cool” type (right) and will wash away unwanted dirt and odors from your body to get you feeling fresh and new after your shower.

Frisk 2

2. Facial Wipe Sheet
This package contains 50 facial wipe sheets, each 15 centimeters x 20 centimeters, that you can use to wipe your face clean on those hot, sticky summer days, so that you can look and feel refreshed even in the heat.

Frisk 3

3. Body Wipe Sheet
And this is a package of 30 wipe sheets that come in a larger size — 20 centimeters x 25 centimeters  — for when you want to clean your entire body!

Frisk 4

4. Peppermint-scented Bath Salt 
These bath salts should help keep you feeling cool and fresh even after a hot bath.

Frisk 5

5. Soap
This is a regular bar soap that, in addition to keeping you clean, should help you stay feeling cool and fresh in typical FRISK mint style.

Frisk 6

So, would these FRISK-inspired items appeal to you? We’re interested in seeing how well they’ve been able to translate the cool and refreshing elements of the breath mint into cosmetics products. And in the hot, humid summer we have in most of Japan, every countermeasure against the heat certainly counts, so we wouldn’t be surprised if people are persuaded to give these items a try (including me)...well, unless they're twice the price everything else.

How about you? Tempted to give it a try?

Have a great day!

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