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Yes, it's going to be another gorgeous day and...yes, I'm going to be at work...<sigh> But the good news is that the fantastic weather is expected to continue tomorrow and Monday. It's going to cloud over on Tuesday and then we may see some rain on Wednesday. How about Friday's weather while President Obama is here? 29C with a mix of sun and clouds.

LEGOLAND is coming to Japan!

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But it’s not Tokyo that’s getting the attraction.

On my travels across Japan, I always skip right by Nagoya. The capital of Aichi Prefecture doesn't have much to make me want to visit, although it apparently has a beautiful castle (sorry, I've seen Himeji's castle and that was enough for me). I will admit that it probably has the best chicken wings in the country though.

But, come next spring, I might have to change my tune and make a stop in Nagoya. Why? Well, that's easy. Nagoya will have something nowhere else in Japan does: a Legoland theme park. Yes there are already Legoland Discovery Centers in Tokyo and Osaka, but those are modestly sized indoor facilities attached to shopping malls. Nagoya’s Legoland will be a full-scale outdoor amusement park like those in Denmark and the US.

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Currently under construction in the city’s Minato Ward, Nagoya’s Legoland is scheduled to open next year on April 1. One-day ticket pricing is yet to be announced, but commemorative annual passes, dubbed “1st to Play,” have already gone on sale through the park’s website.

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Priced at Y17,300 for adults and Y13,300 for kids, bearers can enjoy unlimited visits to the park for one year starting on its official opening day, and will also be able to get a peek earlier than the general public on the park’s “preview days,” March 18-21, 2017.

The annual passes also get you a 10-percent discount on food and drink sold inside the park. I'm not sure if I'll need a season's pass, but you may find me checking the place out at some point in the future. Lego was by far my favorite toy when I was growing up, so I'd love to swing by and relive some old memories.

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