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Good morning everyone,

The heavy rain woke me up again...I must be getting old. I used to be a heavy sleeper and could sleep through anything. Now, even heavy rain wakes me up...well, to be honest it was only a few minutes before I usually get up anyway, but still...the rain has already eased up and should stop later today. Tomorrow and Saturday will be hot-both days will see highs around 30C-and then we can expect the rain to return on Sunday.

So, what are you up to on the 12th?

It's time for the annual Streetcar Festival and you know what that means? They will be selling a limited number of Carp collaborated goods.

On offer this year are Hiroshima Toyo Carp-themed pass cases and T-shirts. Both feature the much loved Carp-boya mascot and will be available for sale at the festival on June 12.

The front of the pass case is ‘Carp red’ and features the Carp-boya as a Hiroden streetcar conductor, mic in hand and poised to announce out of the park. The other side is ‘Hiroden green’ with the boya in a kind of “The signal is green, Let's go!” pose. There are 900 cases up for grabs and cost Y2500 each.


500 Carp-Hiroden T-shirts are available for Y2000 a piece and come in 4 colors. Numbers are limited and you can be sure that they’ll go fast, so if you want to beat the tram and Carp otaku, you should get down to the streetcar festival bright and early.

carphiroden tshirt

I'm not picky-I'll take any of them...but I hardly ever take the train these days, so a t-shirt would be best...I'm a medium...hint, hint...ok, no more hinting. If any of my students go there and DON'T get me a t-shirt, you'll be studying from the beginner class forever! Ha ha!

If you are interested in going, it starts at 10:00am and is held at the Hiroden Train Yard near the Hiroden Honsha station.

Have a great day!

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