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It's going to start out cloudy, then clear up and then finally we may see some rain overnight-which you might as well start getting used to because it looks like it's going to rain for the next 5 days or so...

Hey, guys! So…about sex! Pretty great, right? Feels good. Increases feelings of closeness and intimacy with your partner. Relieves stress. Probably lengthens your lifespan, too, unless you’re into something super kinky. Yup, intercourse is one of the few enjoyable miracles of being alive that we get to experience that is actually good for you.

Too bad I’ll never be doing it again. Not now that I’ve learned this JapaneseBreakup Prevention Kit,” complete with discreet condom hole-poker, exists anyway.

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The dekichatta-kon setto – or, loosely translated, the “‘Oops! I’m pregnant. Might as well get married!’ kit” – may sport cutesy, gag gift-esque graphics of an over-excited anime girl discreetly poking a hole in the condom of a comically oblivious anime boyfriend, but even so this is a product that – should the user be the right blend of desperate and unhinged – does exactly what it says on the label.

Not only does the dekichatta-kon setto come with the aforementioned condom hole-poker, but it also contains several other backup measures for the perfectionist crazy girlfriend: there’s an additional pre-poked condom in deceptively authentic-looking packaging, a syringe for collecting discarded puddles of you-know-what, and a vial for keeping it.

Gag gift though this may be, dekichatta kekkon (“shotgun marriage") is a term that is heard surprisingly often in Japan. This is, after all, a country whose people still occasionally practice prearranged marriages and where obligation plays a huge role in determining whether two people tie the knot. So, while some of us in the west might chuckle nervously at a product like the one above, men in Japan are more likely to build a blanket fort in their bedroom and refuse to answer the phone for a week after finding one at their girlfriend’s place.

The kit appears to only be on sale in a single bookstore in Tokyo, so the odds of crossing paths with a person both in possession of one and crazy enough to actually use it are probably pretty small. Even so I’m making an appointment for a vasectomy just in case. Ha ha!

After a few blogs recently about heavier topics, I thought this one might be a good funny one for you to start your week.

Have a great day!

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