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Good morning everyone,
It's going to be a hot sunny day-I need one to get all of my laundry done! Tomorrow will be sunny most of the day, but it's likely going to rain overnight and then continue raining for most of the week.

I feel like I wrote about this ferris wheel already...but this is more about the grand opening for those of you who are worried that I might be losing my mind...ha ha!

Japan’s highest Ferris wheel was unveiled to the media on June 23 ahead of its official opening next week--and vertigo-suffering reporters were in for an interesting ride. It's also the fifth highest in the world and is the world's first to adopt a seismic isolated structure at its foundation (you know, for the earthquakes).

With see-through floors in its compartments, passengers get a true sense of how it feels to be 123 meters above the ground. That’s the height of the “Redhorse Osaka Wheel,” which looms large over the “Expocity” commercial complex in Suita, Osaka Prefecture. The new attraction will be officially opened at 10 a.m. on July 1. The ferris wheel features a host of modern amenities as well. Each of the 72 carriages comes complete with ultra-modern interiors, air conditioning units for the brutal Japanese summers and touchscreen tablets that provide "Expo TV" featuring park highlights.

Passengers can get panoramic views of Osaka Bay and the 300-meter-high skyscraper Abeno Harukas, situated in Osaka city’s Abeno Ward, from the gondolas of the Ferris wheel on clear days during the 18-minute ride.

Rides cost Y1,000, including tax, for adults and children unless you want to try out the VIP gondola which will set you back Y8,000. Admission is free for infants aged 3 years old or younger.

Will you give it a try?

Have a great day!

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