False sense of spring...

Good morning everyone,

What is up with this warm weather? Last night I was riding home and I saw a guy driving his convertible with the top down. I had to laugh-it was definitely warmer than usual but still a little cold for having the top down. But I didn't laugh because of that, I was laughing because in Canada we do the same thing. Every year, in February we have a warm spell where the sun feels just a little warmer and the snow starts to melt and we can alsmost smell spring in the air. People go out in shorts or drive their convertibles with the top down and the heaters on and we all feel like the hardest part of the winter has passed.

But then Old Man Winter reminds us who's boss. He usually comes back with a vengeance in late February with cold winds and blizzards and those few warm days are nothing but a fading memory. We wonder if it was even real-is it possible that the weather could change so much, we ask ourselves. Well, it can and it usually does...so, while I'm enjoying the warmish weather these early days in January I'll still be keeping my hat and scarf in my bag hoping that I can get a chance to wear them this winter. Don't get me wrong-I don't love the cold weather, I just want to show off my Olympic spirit and support Team Canada (I'll also cheer for Japan as long as we aren't competing in the same event...ha ha!). If the weather doesn't change soon and I don't get a chance to wear them outside, I may turn the heat off at my school so I can wear them to class, it'll be like being back in grade school...ha ha!

Have a great day!


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