McDonald's Burger War

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It's going to be hot, sunny and humid today and tomorrow (although it's actually raining as I write this-fear not, it'll end soon). Then we'll see cloudy skies on Friday before turning to rain on Saturday and remaining overcast throughout the weekend and into next week. Will the rain make it cooler? Heck, no. It's going to remain in the low 30s for the next week at least...

Get ready to rumble - there’s a war on between Japan and America (well, in terms of burgers anyway). Which side will you take in the great burger battle?

McDonald’s Japan has released two patriotic burgers and I for one want to eat them both right now.

In the red corner, from Japan, introducing the 1971 Roasted Soy Sauce Japan Burger! And in the blue corner, representing America, the 1955 Smoky America Burger!

▼1971 Roasted soy sauce versus 1955 tomato mayo


The Roasted Soy Sauce Japan Burger is inspired by the opening of Japan’s very first McDonald’s in Ginza in 1971. Ironically, 1971 was the year of the Okinawa Reversion Agreement when America returned control of Okinawa to Japan. It was also the year the Kamen Rider television series debuted and Eisaku Sato was Prime Minister of Japan.

“Enough history, more burger talk,” I hear you cry.

▼The 1971 Roasted Soy Sauce Japan Burger


The Roasted Soy Sauce Japan Burger consists of a quarter pound beef patty, tomato, crispy lettuce, grilled smoky bacon, creamy cheddar cheese, and a special roasted soy sauce topping.

▼The 1955 Smoky America Burger


The Smoky America Burger was created in the image of America’s first McDonald’s burger back in 1955. This was the year Dwight Eisenhower was president of the United States, Walt Disney’s Lady and The Tramp premiered in Chicago, and Johnny Cash’s classic hit “Folsom Prison Blues” was released.

The 1955 Smoky America Burger has a quarter pound beef patty, tomato, onion, crispy lettuce, and grilled smoky bacon topped with ketchup and a smoky tomato and mayo based 1955 sauce.

They both look amazing to me, but I'm a traditionalist, so I’ll probably go with the classic American style – you can’t beat the original, right? Which country do you think will win?

Of course you will have to hurry as the 1955 Smoky America Burger campaign will end at the start of August while the 1971 Roasted Soy Sauce Japan Burger will continue to be available until the end of August.

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